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Saldo is a tool that makes your personal finance management effortless.
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    Track your spending and net worth, easily plan your budget and save for the things that matter.
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    Easy to set up

    Finances tend to be intimidating sometimes. But they don’t have to. Start with just a few clicks.
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  • Expense Tracking

    Effective budget management is simple. Break down your spending by category and identify areas that need improvement.

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  • All Your Funds in One Place

    Money tracking and management are more convenient with the Saldo app. Connect your bank accounts to it or enter transactions manually to keep all your income and expenses in one place.

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  • Bank Sync

    Gather your finances in one hub. Connect all bank accounts to get your transactions added to the app automatically.

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  • Budget Planning

    Financial flows are under your complete control. Track your expenses and income, set goals and budget with Saldo Finance.

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    Manage Bills & Subscriptions

    With Saldo Finance, all your expenses are under control, even subscriptions. We’ve collected them all in one place, so you won’t forget to renew them.

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  • FAQ

    What is the main purpose of the Saldo Finance app?

    The Saldo Finance app is designed to help users manage their personal finances effectively.

    How does the Saldo Finance app assist users with their financial management?

    The Saldo Finance app provides tools and features for tracking and managing money, expenses, bills, and budgets.

    What are the key features of the Saldo Finance app?

    The Saldo Finance app offers features like money tracking, expense tracking, bill management, and budget planning.

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