Bank to Sync

Gather your finances in one hub. Connect all bank accounts to get your transactions added to the app automatically.
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    Thousands of North American banks

    Get rid of manual transactions and possible errors. Connect all your accounts in any institution to the app and enjoy your free time.
  • Bank to Sync (2)

    Automatic transaction loading

    Data for all your accounts, assets, and liabilities are updated automatically. No more manual input.
  • Bank to Sync (3)

    High-level security

    Your personal information is entirely under your control. Bank-grade security provides reliable data protection and read-only access.
  • Why Should You Use Budget App to Link Bank Account?

    Our budget app links to a bank account to ensure data synchronization and automatically add transactions to the software. Having a finance app that syncs with a bank account at your fingertips guarantees the accuracy of the information and saves you time. Our budget app with bank sync keeps your data safe.
  • Why Our Budget Planner That Links to Bank Account Is More Convenient?

    The budget app connects to a bank account and automatically updates the available information. Having a convenient budget software that syncs with a bank, you save time and get rid of errors. Our connection bank app gives you access to all assets through one hub.

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