All Your Funds in One Place

Money tracking and management are more convenient with the Saldo app. Connect your bank accounts to it or enter transactions manually to keep all your income and expenses in one place.
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  • All Your Funds in One Place (1)

    Connect bank accounts

    Don't waste time manually entering each transaction. Connect your bank accounts, and your expenses and income will be updated automatically in the app.
  • All Your Funds in One Place (2)

    Track your net worth

    Always know how much money is available on all of your accounts.
  • All Your Funds in One Place (3)

    Track all your assets

    Keep track of all assets and currencies: cash, bank cards, cryptocurrencies, loans, etc. A complete picture of your financial condition is right in your hand.
  • Why See All Balances in One Place?

    Budgeting is easier when all transactions are collected in one financial tracking software. You know exactly how much money you have, in what currency, and from which account you can debit funds. You don't need to have multiple money management apps to keep your assets under control.
  • Bank Connection — Easier Than Ever

    Make personal financial tracking even more convenient. In three clicks, connect all your bank accounts to get rid of manual information entry. Saldo Finance saves you time and, simultaneously, provides the most secure finance tracking with the bank-to-sync feature.
  • Searching for an app to assist you in tracking your money? What does Saldo Finance offer in this regard?

    Saldo Finance offers a comprehensive app designed to track and manage your personal finances effectively.
  • Need help managing your money? Which apps cater to this need?

    There are various apps available, and Saldo Finance stands out as a dedicated tool for money tracking and management.
  • Interested in financial tracker apps? Any recommendations?

    Saldo Finance is a noteworthy choice for those seeking apps to manage and track their financial transactions and funds.

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