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Save Money on Gas: Ways to Cut Costs at the Pump & via Maintenance

Gas prices have been trending upward for months, putting pressure on our wallets throughout the country. There are, in fact, some effective methods to alleviate this pressure and cut costs on gas at the pump while cruising, and even with smart maintenance. So, if you feel like car ownership costs are squeezing your budget, this piece is for you. Today, we’ll be talking about how to save on gas.

1. Pay Attention to Fuel Costs

Use a reliable mobile app for monitoring gas prices in your region. These apps provide gas price comparisons in your area and help you pinpoint the local stations with the lowest prices. Some of this software is free of charge and grants you the possibility to search based on your location or ZIP code, along with parameters like fuel type and payment solution. Investing some time in comparing local prices is among the best and easiest tips to save money on gas.

Add a little cherry on top of your money-saving efforts and take a closer look at mobile track expense apps. These apps help you create a custom monthly budget and take better control of your financial situation.

2. Embrace the Alternatives

Naturally, the less you drive, the less gas you use. With that said, consider public transit, riding a bike, or walking as fine, occasional alternatives to driving. Carpooling from time to time or splitting the cost of an Uber with a buddy should be another must-use hack on your gas and save list.

Sharing driving responsibilities with others will have you spend less on gas and vehicle maintenance, as well as minimize traffic congestion. Wondering about the ways of finding carpools to join? It’s easy: ask your colleagues or neighbors if they’re up for carpooling for mutually beneficial money saving.

Another important point on your gas hacks list should involve following a speed limit and driving more patiently. As a matter of fact, this approach is among the most effective ways of saving money on gas. Notice how your driving influences your gas mileage. If you like to rev your engine at stop lights or drive dangerously close to the bumper of other vehicles, then your driving habits are far from being fuel-efficient.

In other words, if you really want to cut down on your driving costs, practice taking your foot off the gas when you can just coast to the spotlight — or using your cruise control to optimize your driving speed. Remember that abiding by the speed limit and driving smoothly is probably the best way to save on gas.

3. Find Cheaper Gas Options

When gas price dynamics remind you of a rollercoaster, getting it at the lowest price possible is a smart strategy. Wondering how to get gas cheaper? Think a few steps ahead. Fill up on the cheapest days of the week if you can. Group your errands and plan to stop at the most affordable gas station on your way instead of, say, having to drive 30 minutes in each direction to lay your hands on that discount.

When planning your fuel-efficient routes, ask yourself these questions:
  • Is there a more gas-saving route I can take to reach my destination?
  • If I have to drive, can I combine my trips and errands?
  • Can I carpool with friends or colleagues on specific routes or occasions?
  • Can I use public transit or ride a bike on certain days?
  • Can I ask my employer to allow me to work from home occasionally?
Also, if your car manufacturer ‘recommends’ premium fuel instead of requiring it, feel free to use your regular money-saving octane fuel. It will most likely generate less power, but that will not negatively impact your driving. As a matter of fact, according to a fairly recent study, the tiny perk premium fuel comes with is massively outweighed by the drawback of its incomparably high cost. Therefore, unless your owner’s manual says premium gas is required, just stick with regular gas and save like a pro.

4. Purchase Discounted Gas Cards From Resellers

Gift cards are excellent present ideas. But, naturally, not all of them get utilized. An array of resellers offer unused gift cards at exceptionally appealing prices. Actually, there are specific platforms that let users purchase and sell unused cards from a multitude of gas providers. Even if you see that most discounted gas gift cards are currently sold out, setting up alerts for when new ones kick in is a smart move. A good manage money app may also come in handy on your way to managing your daily expenses.

5. How to Use Less Gas via Maintenance

Now that we’ve touched upon saving at the pump and saving while driving, let’s talk about cutting down on gas with a solid maintenance schedule. Here are the tips to follow:
  • Keep your tires properly inflated: tire pressure affects your gas mileage, that’s a given. Underinflated tires are dangerous and not good for your fuel economy at all. Therefore, if you want to get the most out of your gas tank, do your best to check your tires on a regular basis and keep them properly pressurized;
  • Don’t weigh your vehicle down: the heavier your car, the more gas it devours, that’s a fact. With that said, if you want to cut down on gas, take out all the removable stuff from your car, like sporting equipment or a bike strapped to the roof as soon as possible;
  • Replace your engine oil on time: this will aid you in reducing friction in the engine and, therefore, guarantee better fuel economy. Luckily, oil changes are not too expensive and will keep your car running for a long time;
  • Monitor the miles-per-gallon parameter: the majority of new cars keep tabs on fuel efficiency for you, and this criterion is vital to notice. You should swiftly react to an out-of-the-blue drop in your miles per gallon because it may indicate a potential problem and the need to get your car serviced ASAP.

At the end of the day, proper car maintenance is paramount when it comes to figuring out how to save gas bill. Get your vehicle serviced on a regular basis, and it will use up to 20% less fuel compared to a non-serviced one. Now that you’ve successfully explored the theory, it’s time to take action and put the hacks from this piece to practice.


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